Carson Bosworth
Lumberjack Equipment and Lumberjack Exhibitions
  Axes - Competition, College & Work
 (Gound & UnGround)

Crosscut Saws
 (M-Tooth & Peg and Raker)

Logrolling Logs
 (Western Red Cedar 12"- 16" Dia.)

Chopping & Logrolling Spiked Shoes
Throwing Axes

Spring Board Shoes

Axe Handles

Equipment Repair

File Jigs (Axe & Saw)

Whet Stones

Lumberjack Exhibitions
                     Weird Eric Bunyan - Lumberjack Songs, Tapes & CD'S

       PO Box 312
Lake Geneva, WI  53147
        Phone: 262-248-2516
  Lumberjack Trading Post